Italian Pastas Perfect For Your Dishes

Classic Italian Pasta

"Ci facciamo una spaghettata" literally translates to ‘let's eat spaghetti’. But Italians all over, from Napoli in Campania to Miami in South Florida, use this phrase to mean ‘let's get together and eat!’ And what better invitation than the mention of pasta? Few things bring people together like freshly cooked al dente pasta, adorned with cheese, herbs, and any other treasures hiding in your pantry. Between classic spaghetti to modern paccheri, Nonna Emma Gourmet has a wide variety of Italian pastas, meaning you won’t have to hassle with finding or making it fresh. Just cook, season, and serve!

Our Artigianale pastas are Trafilatura al bronzo, or durum wheat semolina pasta cut with bronze dies. A traditional method that forms tiny pits in the dough and allows for a pasta that absorbs sauce while retaining the nutrients and aroma of the high-quality flour.

Quality Italian products ready to ship from Miami

Nonna Emma Gourmet provides the finest ingredients for cooks unwilling to deal with shopping and browsing through hundreds of stores and thousands of reviews. If you’re wishing for an authentic Italian meal, gather your favorite people, fetch your favorite dishes, and raise a glass... Facciamo una spaghettata! Let’s eat!
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