Nonna Emma

Nonna Emma

Nonna Emma Italian Gourmet has been recently created by a group of restaurants, hospitality experts and acclaimed chefs to bring to your table some of the best Italian cuisine staples.

Our group’s motto is “We are food people. It’s what we do. It’s what we love”.

Italian food is our passion and our strength. With over 30-year experience in the industry, we pride ourselves to be authentic and attentive, and never compromise on the quality of our ingredients. That is our legacy and pledge to our customers.

For Nonna Emma Italian Gourmet, we have selected only products that we deem to be worthy to be used in our own restaurants.

The pasta must have the highest characteristics to keep the “al dente” texture, spouse well with any sauces, and be easily digestible. That is why we have selected an organic, non-GMO, high quality pasta made with 100% Italian Durum Wheat Semolina flour, extruded through a bronze die, slow dried in a temperature-controlled environment to ensure it is evenly dried, and it is hand packed and inspected. 

The extra virgin olive oil must maintain its beneficial health properties for which it has gained the title of liquid gold. That is why we have selected an Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained from only the finest hand-picked olives, produced using a simple oil-pressing technique, free from chemicals and preservatives, and bottled in an oxygen free environment to ensure the freshest flavors.

The tomatoes must be rich in flavor, have soft flesh that breaks down easily, and a high water content to ensure the perfect results when made into a sauce.  That is why we have selected a tomato sauce made with only Italian peeled tomatoes, non-GMO, without any added sugar (which is commonly added to poor quality tomatoes to enhance the flavor), and fresh basil.

Not all flours are the same and each one has its specific use in the kitchen, either you are making fresh pasta, bread, or a cake. For Nonna Emma flours, we have selected one of the most ancient mills in Italy, that sources only the best 100% Italian raw ingredients and obtains their flours with sustainable process, and a constant focus on quality and innovation. From pasta to cakes and pastries, from bread to pizza, our flours are at your side with all their quality to give taste and fragrance to your creations.

Nonna Emma Italian Gourmet puts the quality before the profit. Our products’ value cannot be found in local supermarkets but can now be delivered anywhere in the United States.